Siamunene takes on HH over Maamba road

Mon, 03 Apr 2017 10:39:28 +0000

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should spend his money on the people of Maamba who have been suffering since a stretch of their main road collapsed instead of boasting that he is the richest politician, former Defence minister and UPND Member of Parliament for Sinazongwe Richwell Siamunene has said.

Mr Siamunene said that politicians such as Mr Hichilema should be in the forefront of helping people in need.

He told journalists in an interview at City Airport in Lusaka that politicians should not just be seen helping people when there was an election.

Mr Siamunene, who is former Defence minister in the ruling Patriotic Front government, pointed out that Mr Hichilema should come to the aid of the people of Maamba and surrounding areas who were currently in need.

He explained that Maamba town had been completely cut off from the rest of the country since part of the main road collapsed and that people there were short of supplies.

Mr Siamunene said that business in Maamba and the surrounding areas had been seriously disturbed as vehicles taking supplies to the district were not able to access the area.

“The people of Maamba and the surrounding areas are suffering since the road collapsed. The area has been cut off and vehicles taking supplies are not able to cross. So this is the time when politicians such as Mr Hichilema who say they have a lot money should be seen to help. Let him come to the aid of the people there,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Siamunene urged Government to speed up works on the stretch of the Maamba road that collapsed.

He said that the road was highly economical and that a lot of money was being lost as a result of the area not being accessible.

Mr Siamunene also called on well-wishers to supplement Government’s efforts in ensuring that the people of Maamba were helped during this period when the road was being repaired.


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