SMEs advised to use auctioneers to make money

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THE Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Zambia have been advised to take advantage of auctioneers so as to increase their capital base.

Hammer and Tongues sales and marketing manager Enock Simukonde said SMEs could greatly benefit if they utilized auctioneers to sell off their goods.

That was so because auctioneers would provide the right and huge market platform that the auctioning service presents to industry.

“Most people have a wrong perception about auctioning business because they think that it only involves second hand items sold at cheaper prices,” Mr. Simukonde said.

Mr. Simukonde emphasized that on the contrary high quality items, both new and second hand, were sold at Hammer and Tongues.He observed that if only the SMEs could take advantage of the auctioneers, they would grow their capital base and positively contribute to household incomes and national economic development.

“The auctioning business is not only for big companies and rich individuals but for everyone in Zambia. We receive items ranging from household goods to huge machinery regardless of the quantities involved,” Mr. Simukonde said.

Mr. Simukonde said SMEs that could not afford to rent premises could take their items to Hammer and Tongues with an assurance of security and a good turnover. “We have very secure premises and always run a current insurance policy, hence people should not be afraid of bringing their items for auctioning, he said.

He urged companies with big machinery for sale to contact Hammer and Tongues as they would send their marketing personnel on site to conduct the auctions anywhere in the country.                Mr. Simukonde also said his company was ready to offer services to the Sheriff’s Office in respect of items seized through litigation processes.

“I would like to appeal to the Government to give the mandate of selling items under litigation to the auctioneers so that the sheriffs can effectively carry out the repossession and reduce delays in disposing of court cases,” he added.


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