Stanchart launches fingerprint tech for its customers

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 10:41:54 +0000


STANDARD Chartered Bank has introduced a new product as part of its efforts to revolutionize digital banking in Zambia.

This new feature allows customers to log into SC mobile using Biometric (fingerprint) technology, making mobile banking access even faster with a single touch.

Commenting on the development, the head of retail, Sonny Zulu, said the launch was part of the bank’s efforts to revolutionize digital banking in Zambia.

“This new enhancement to our mobile banking App demonstrates Standard Chartered Bank’s continued commitment to revolutionize digital banking in Zambia,” he said.

Mr Zulu explained that the new feature would enhance the usage of the SC mobile banking application, which was currently being accessed by over 16,000 Zambian customers since it was launched in July this year.

“As we celebrate 110 years in Zambia, Standard Chartered Bank is delighted to add yet another innovation to digital banking.

“Our brand new SC Mobile fingerprint/Touch ID feature is designed to bring banking directly to our clients in a safe, secure way and meet their individual lifestyle needs,” he said.

The SC mobile allowed clients to make local and international money transfers, and real time bill payments on their smartphone.

Clients were able to add local and international beneficiaries including new billers to make instant payments anytime, anywhere.

This development ensures that clients had access to their accounts and money at any time and from anywhere, allowing them to check balances, transfer money and pay bills using their devices

This also means clients save on time and costs that they would ordinarily incur to visit a branch.

The bank had since said it would deliver its banking services to more clients even where they did not have physical presence, which was consistent with the bank’s drive for financial inclusion.


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