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By Chintu Malambo

GOVERNMENT should step in and tell UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to ‘‘stop the nonsense’’ of spreading rumours that there is going to be a new president installed because this country is governed by laws, MMD youths have charged.

The youths, who stormed the Daily Nation offices yesterday, demanded that HH should tell the nation who the President of Zambia was, if not President Edgar Lungu, because it was high time ‘‘he healed and moved on from his political hallucination’’.

The group spokesperson Geoffrey Mulenga said: “Are we in a country without a leader? Hakainde should tell us who the President is if he fails to recognize President Edgar Lungu who was declared winner and sworn in by the Chief Justice.’’

Mr Mulenga said Mr Hichilema has been going round telling  his supporters to refuse to recognize President Lungu as the legitimate President of the Republic of Zambia, which was meant to create confusion because every person knew that the 2016 elections, which were free and fair, were won by President Lungu.

Mr Mulenga said the MMD was disappointed that the UPND leader could not swallow his pride and accept that Mr Lungu was the republican president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

He reiterated that the UPND leader should stop misleading people that he won the elections and come to terms with reality that the PF government was voted into power by majority electorate.

Mr Mulenga said that the United Party for National Development as stakeholders were part and parcel of the electoral process and attended all meetings that the electoral body organised.

He wondered why Mr Hichilema could doubt the credibility of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to preside over an election and claim that it was rigged.

“HH should go and tell his supporters in the provinces where he won that there is only one leader, and that is President Lungu. Let him stop spreading falsehoods that the ruling party stole their votes when in actual sense people voted and PF won.

“President Lungu won because of his humility to the people of Zambia and therefore UPND should accept the leadership of President Lungu so that the country can move forward,” he said.

Mr Mulenga urged the UPND to concede defeat and stop referring to their leader as the president of Zambia because this could bring confusion in the


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