Stop using  social media to vent “gripes”

Tue, 27 Dec 2016 08:58:40 +0000


By Prince Chibawah in Mansa

MANSA mayor Emmanuel Chungu has urged Patriotic Front (PF) members to desist from using social media to register their displeasure each time they feel aggrieved.

Mayor Chungu explained that it was unfortunate that some PF members were resorting to use social media, particularly Facebook and Whatsapp to express their anger against certain issues either in the ruling party or government.

“The use of Facebook and Whatsapp to communicate or discuss internal party matters has become common among some of our fellow members,” Mr Chungu said.

He explained that Whatsapp and Facebook were in public domain and that it would be inappropriate for the PF members to use such platforms to discuss serious matters including party mobilisation strategies.

“Stop engaging us through Whatsapp groups. If you have any serious concerns requiring the attention of government or PF party leaders, please come to our offices “, said mayor Chungu during a PF celebration party held at Mansa hotel recently.

The mayor however praised PF members in Luapula province for working extra hard during the August general election.

“The last election was hot but we made it because of your efforts and sacrifice. I urge you to continue with the same spirit,” said mayor Chungu.

And Mansa district commissioner Royd Chakaba called for initiatives aimed at boosting the economy of Luapula province through the use of local natural resources.

Chakaba said time had come for the province to undergo economic transformation.

“We need to think outside the box and find ways of converting our natural resources into tangible economic development which would benefit the entire province.”

Chakaba said the Patriotic Front government remained steadfast to unlocking the economic potential that Luapula Province had in tourism and mining.

“The PF government is working on measures aimed at increasing tourists who are visiting our province so that we can boost the local economy”, said Chakaba.

Meanwhile, Luapula province minister Nickson Chilangwa thanked President Edgar Lungu for his good heart and the love he had for the people of Luapula province.

Chilangwa, who is also Kawambwa Central PF member of Parliament, revealed that it was President Lungu’s desire to positively transform the economy of Luapula and improve the lives of local people.

Chilangwa further assured the people of Luapula province that President Lungu would soon change the economic status of Luapula from being one of the poorest to one of the developed provinces in Zambia.

“President Lungu loves you. Look at the big number of MPs from Luapula who have been appointed as cabinet ministers. It is a sign that you are part of President Lungu’s developmental agenda. Let us just continue supporting him and the PF,” said Chilangwa.



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