Street Kids terrorise shoppers at Society Business Park

Sun, 29 Jan 2017 09:49:31 +0000


By Mailesi Banda

SHOPPERS at Society Business Park in Lusaka have complained about street kids who roam the premises and are posing a threat to them as they resort to pick-pocketing, a trend that has cost most customers their money.

One of the shoppers Martin Katanga told the Sunday Nation in an interview that the area is no longer safe because of the street kids who were always roaming the area.

Mr. Katanga said the customers were scared to shop from the super market at the park during late hours for fear of being attacked by street kids.

He said there was need for the administrators of the park to consider removing the street kids from the area.

“We are not safe as customers at this park, and there is need for the people responsible for Society Business Park to put up strong security measures and remove the street kids from the park,” he said.

He said while the street kids asked for alms during the day, they were a threat during the night when the super market was still operational as they turned into thieves and attacked people.

He explained that though the business park was strategically located there was need to improve the security situation.

He said there was need for the situation to be resolved soon for the safety of the shoppers.

And Mary Mazemba said she feared to shop at the park at night because of the street kids.

She said the safety of women was at risk as street kids in Lusaka were rumoured to even rape women.

She said she had been a victim of pick-pocketing at the place and appealed to the relevant authorities to rectify the situation.

“I came shopping here last week and had put about K40 in the side pocket of my handbag but to my surprise when I reached the bus station, the money was no longer there,” she said.


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