Succession wrangles deepen in Chief Kahare’s Kingdom

Sun, 05 Mar 2017 09:41:44 +0000



SUCCESSION wrangles in Kaoma’s Chief Kahare kingdom have resurfaced as the community demands for the removal of Edward Kahare who is alleged to be masquerading as Chief Kahare.

Late Chief Kahare XI Jesse Kubama’s son Timuna Kahare appealed to the Government to quickly intervene in the matter before people lose lives because the alleged chief was not the right heir to the throne.

Mr Kahare is asking for justice to prevail because innocent people had been caught up in the web of confusion upon trying to do the right thing.

He alleged that some groupings of the cartel, opposition political party supporters and other government officials were actually believed to be behind the funding of the wrongs that resulted in the confusion in the chiefdom because they had their own interests in the resources.

Mr Kahare said it could not be disputed that innocent people had suffered at the hands of the people who wanted to break the law with impunity.

He alleged that the other faction which was against the will of the people were using resources in order to satisfy their own interest because they had nothing to lose.

“We are appealing to the Government to hear the cries of the innocent people, who cannot defend themselves because they have no resource to fight back, even if it means they stand for the truth,” he said.

Mr Kahare said it was unfortunate that people who were supposed to help the government to resolve such were as well behind supporting the wrongs because they were feeding the public with wrong information which had left the community vulnerable to save their interest.

He warned that should Edward Kahare continue to be on the throne, more confusion was anticipated, and would lead to innocent people suffering.

The security situation was so tense because people had taken the law in their own hands, citing police’s failure to contain the situation.

He said innocent people were subjected to torture, saying it was unfortunate that people had reached the extent of fighting which should not be the case.

He said the parallel structures were said to be formed at Chief Kahare against the will of the people because the alleged structures were operating against the tradition which the community did not like.

“It is unfortunate that people who were brought in the palace now want to take over what they had found because long ago chasing people who do not belong to the palace was not allowed, our parents believed in harmony, unity and peace,” he said.


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