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By Mary Kachepa


THERE is need to sensitize school girls against falling prey to sugar daddies, says Family Tree in Zambia information and publicity director Samuel Mukalati.

Mr Mukalati said even when government has put in place good educational facilities, committed and qualified teachers as long as the minds of the pupils were diverted by Sugar Daddies not much would be turned arround.

He said that Sugar Daddies were a contributing factor to the large numbers of school girls that are dropping out of school and the high pregnancy rates among school going children.

“We are requesting government to start arresting some of these sugar daddies so that they can be exposed and brought to book because it will help to deter others and put an end to this vice that is destroying robbing our young girls the chance to have a bright future,” he explained

He further said that old men took advantage of young girls innocence and their desire to have fancy things like smart phones, fancy cloths, money and being treated out to nice eating places in exchange for sex.

“We need to vigorously start sensitizing the girls to desist from being covetous and explain to them that these men will destroy their futures and infect them with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections,

“We should instead encourage them to work hard and study because that way they will be able to buy all those things that they want in future,” he said

Mr Mukalati said that some of the young girls were introduced to liquor at a tender age so that they could take advantage of them sexually when they got drunk.

“These girls are using family planning tablets and other methods to prevent them from getting pregnant and this has an effect on the girls in the future and might bring about complications in   their health,” he said.

He said that when the girls start indulging in sexual activities, their performance at school gets affected because their bodies and minds only dwell on pleasure.

“These men entice school going children because they feel they do not need to spend so much on them not knowing thaat they are frustrating  efforts being made by government in getting the girl child educated,

“In the process they are robbing our country of future teachers, doctors, journalists and engineers there by retarding the country’s development,” he said.

Mr Mukalati urged the old men to instead concentrate on their families because some of them did provide for wives and children.


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