Teaching practice policy forces female students into prostitution

Mon, 27 Mar 2017 09:57:43 +0000


By Charles Musonda

A CONCERNED citizen has called on parents of female students at Mufulira College of Education (MUCE) to rise against the institution’s principal for introducing a teaching practice policy, which has allegedly forced them (female students) into prostitution.

According to James Mwamba, MUCE Principal Grace Chilekwa had introduced the teaching practice called IpeCK and had forced all third year students to do it on the Copperbelt, contrary to pro poor policies of the PF government.

Mr. Mwamba said for the past 12 years Government had allowed students to do teaching practice in their home towns where their parents would carter for their children’s costs with less pressure as the Government did not pay students allowances anymore.

“Doing teaching practice from homes is in line with the pro-poor policies of the PF government. The scheme by Mrs. Chilekwa is (allegedly) meant to frustrate the PF pro – poor government efforts.

“The implications for this teaching practice model is that students, whose parents are not on the Copperbelt province, are forced to look for accommodation on the Copperbelt where they are posted to do their teaching practice for three months.

“They are also forced to carter for essential needs like electricity, food, water and transport money to reach their schools. Many students are undergoing hardships in a quest to endure these harsh conditions.

“Many female students are forced to do prostitution within the schools they are practicing from and within the communities they are living in,” Mr. Mwamba said.

He said officials from the Ministry of General Education headquarters, Copperbelt based school headteachers, and MUCE lecturers had complained that they had tried to advise Ms. Chilekwa against the IpeCK model but she allegedly sought solidarity from the Teacher Education and Specialised Services Directorate.

Mr. Mwamba said affected students had even reached the extent of begging for money from lecturers whenever they went to monitor them.

He charged that the IpeCK was not in line with efforts First Lady Esther Lungu was making to fight abuse of the girl child.


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