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Leadership scramble in PF

Dear Editor,

I am so happy that the President has come out very clearly on the issue of the Presidency.

His pronouncement has pre-empted what was slowly degenerating into a virtual power struggle by the so called founder of the PF who wanted to mount stalk boring techniques in dividing the party.

Gone are the pretensions by people who were masquerading as die-hard founders who could not sacrifice the health of the PF. This time their selfish efforts at destabilising the party will be exposed for all to see. Ement Musonda


Chikankata MP wins kudos

Dear Editor,

May I add my voice on the role MPs should perform after elections.

Some of them decide to go for good after elections while others visit their constituencies frequently to check on socio-economic challenges the electorate go through.

In this vein, I wish to applaud Chikankata Member of Parliament Hon. Chrispin Kabwe Mwiinga for taking time to visit his electorate in the village of Siamikobo following the death of a youth.

His contribution to that bereavement cannot be ignored.  I write so because his humble mingling with people was truly exceptional.

A person coming from another town couldn’t have known that there was an area MP because he was a ‘participant observer’.

I would like to urge all MPs to continue visiting their constituencies so as they appreciate the challenges their people are going through.

  1. Siamikob0


PF central committee should start quarterly meetings urgently

Dear Editor,

It makes sad reading the recent happenings in our party where party issues and all party members aggrieved are now using the media to air their grievances.

I believe there is no problem that cannot be sorted out by our central committee which has credible, mature, educated and wise people, hence my humble request as a PF follower to the humble and listening President.

Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu gives direction over this by instructing our SG Mr. Mwila to come up with a schedule to be meeting quarterly and these trivial matters we are reading in the papers will be a thing of the past.

In Bemba, we say, ‘umunwe umo tausala inda’ meaning one finger cannot kill lice.

I hope and pray that our loving President and our SG will read this so that they can give direction.

It’s too early for such problems. Let us concentrate on developing Zambia and not on fighting.

Chrissy. K. Mutale, Lusaka


Let God reign


Fellow country men and women, God is not complicated, he is clear which lets me to ask why we who are called in his name and in his image, we are being the opposite of our Father? This year, let’s do more of individual evaluation before analyzing our neighbour where we see negatives. Let us bow down and allow God to sweep dirt out of our hearts and minds. Only then will the nation be healed from all manner of oppression. Let’s pray for one another as Zambians.

Pastor Prince M Kabala, Lusaka


Corruption at Ndola City Council


There is a very big problem with Ndola City Council. There is corruption. I suggest that you transfer all chief officers and directors.



It’s not ‘paya farmer’


One thing we shouldn’t forget is that the petition denied the party in Government to kick start the programme of distributing farming inputs on time. So how do you blame PF?



Injustice at Munali police post



I am very disappointed with staff members at Munali Police Post in the manner they handled my case of vehicle theft. The case was thrown out, I was slapped with negligence and the suspects were left scot free and are malingering at Kaunda Square bus stop. May the higher authorities step in and investigate.



Directed to LWSC managing


On Wednesday 25th December, 2016, I wrote and delivered a letter to the MP at LWSC in Rhodes Park complaining about the non-availability of piped water in Overspill 3 since July 2016. This is an area just after Kamanga Basic School along Maposa road. I thought writing directly to the MP was going to be of help but zero! No one from LWSC has come to check why this problem hasn’t been sorted out. Since July 2016, we have been paying LWSC but our taps are dry. Can someone please help us! MCA, where are you

Phiri, Lusaka



Warning to those pursuing Mr Kambwili


When you dig a pit for others, don’t make it too deep as you might be the one who falls in it. This goes to the ones pursuing Mr. Kambwili.

Mabuka C K, Mufulira


Zambian ‘Donald Trump’



The former employee of Ndola Lime has worked so hard to establish two companies namely, Kapda Engineering and Construction as well as R.C. Enterprises. The man, popularly known as Donald Trump should be emulated because he is an inspiration to many people. Lastly, as a sales manager, I am very much ready to contribute to the growth of these two companies.



 Well done RDA!


I am happy to see that RDA has done some repairs at the damaged portion of Lumumba Road near Family 24. That portion was a death trap, anything could have happened. Well done! It is also heartening to learn that plans are underway to re-do the entire road which has outlived its purpose. We patiently await to see some
action from RDA. Road user



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