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Sat, 14 Jan 2017 12:43:16 +0000

Govt should be fair in handling FJT’s property

Dear Editor,

I would also like to agree with Alistair Mwenda’s letter that the Government should be fair with the manner in which it will handle the late Chiluba’s property.

In all fairness, the accusers who were supposed to prove a case that the property was gotten through corruption, failed to do so.

Government should never show unfairness in handling this case just because the owner is late.

Legally when the accuser fails to prove a case, it doesn’t matter whether the accused is late or alive, the law is not dead.

That property legally belonged and still belongs to FJT and should be transferred to his family. Avoid God’s wrath over our nation.

Bishop Alick Malama.


Let’s give President Lungu and other leaders room to work

Dear Editor,

The heated debate on whether PF President Edgar Lungu is eligible to contest 2021 elections on the PF ticket is not only unhealthy but untimely.

The Head of State is just in his first six months of five years mandate to deliver to the Zambians according to his campaign promises and yet we want to engage him in unwarranted debate over his legibility to contest 2021 elections.

He has the right to voice what he feels but that should not be the reason to sway the country from attending to various immediate needy areas of concern to the electorate.

I feel five years is still too far to warrant that and moreover, when the time for filing of nominations comes, relevant legal bodies will guide the nation accordingly.

So, where is the fuss?

Even asking the Constitutional Courts to interpret the legibility of his candidature is not actually right because it is not time for filing in yet.

Let us, therefore, give our President and other leaders room and support to deliver to our aspirations as per their campaign promises.

Why should the courts even be asked to interpret on this debate as if there are nominations or filing in, in progress?

Are we truly democratically mature to know when to even call upon our learned Judges over a mere debate?

What will be their basis?

It is, however, good that while other political parties and their leaders are seriously engaged in the debate instead of service delivery to the Zambians, President Lungu is on marathon of service delivery to all Zambians irrespective of political affiliation.

Wisdom Muyunda



Leave Kalu alone

Dear Editor,

The attacks on former FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya from some stakeholders on his voting for non-Zambians shows why we cannot develop as a nation.

I feel Kalusha Bwalya was in an awkward situation and exercised honesty unlike patriotism in his voting that saw him giving Chipolopolo skipper Rainford Kalaba third position behind Onyango and Billiat.

As a nation, we should always strive to achieve the best and not crying for leniency of patronage.

Kalaba is a very good player but was pitied against the best.

So, let us not attack Kalusha Bwalya but live with reality.

Just like Leicester City went ahead to win EPL last season, yet it is debatable as to whether it was the best team in England!

Let us, therefore, be honest when we criticise and debate issues. Soccer fan



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