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Zambia Railways allowing  squatters on its land 


Why is Zambia Railways allowing squatters to build houses on their reserved land? Who will be responsible for the deaths that may occur in the event of an accident? Have the executives been selling the land? How do you allow people to build less than ten (10) meters from the railway line? You are going against President Edgar Lungu’s directive. Please do something before the whole piece of land in encroached on. Check the Ngwerere area for confirmation of what I am saying.

Please Ms. Kapata, we need action!

Concerned citizen



Lazy Zambian youths



Youths in Zambia today have grown very lazy to a very alarming extent. All they know is drinking, smoking and involving themselves in dangerous activities such has theft, drugs and prositutition. Yes, we know that jobs are hard to find in our country but my appeal to my fellow youths is that, we should find better things to do. Drinking alcohol is not a solution to our problems. My question is, if we youths can’t work hard today for a better Zambia, who will do it for us and where  will our country be 10 years from now? We say no to laziness.

G.Daka, JR



Oil price reduction promise


This is directed to President Edgar Lungu and all Zambians.  I would like to know how far the oil deal with Saudi- Arabia has gone because we are still waiting for that promise of buying fuel at k5 per litre.

Yahya Dube,

Matero Mosque



TAZAMA general workers complain


I would like through your Newspaper lodge a complaint about how poorly general workers are treated at Tazama Company. They not paid sustainable salaries and are not given working attire. Please, let the government under the Ministry of Labour help us..




ZRA’S offices poor appearance



ZRA is a major tax collector for Government. Can we see the building being painted please. I know most of the bosses at ZRA have very nice houses so can they please do likewise and clean the building up.

Sandy Kamzimbi



Construction of the Ndola-Mufulira road


When the President came to Mufulira in July, he assured Mufulira residents that the road will be worked on before the end of the year but up to now the road is in a poor condition and nothing has been done to make it better. When is the road going to be worked on? People need this road. It is my wish and prayer that the road will be considered next year.

Peter Kabende, Mufulira



ZABS, LCC a let down


I wish to inform the general public to be careful and take time to read and check expired products from some shops, especially on Kafue Road. I have seen expired washing paste called Marjan Automate being sold in 500 gram sachets.

Unhappy citizen, Lusaka



Mufulira PF district leadership


Politics of witch-hunting won’t take you anywhere. You failed to campaign for Yamfwa Mukanga and today, you are busy putting the blame on others. For Peter’s sake, stop scandalizing the name of our hard working Mufulira Mayor!

Concerned Mufulira resident



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