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Democracy is alive in Africa


This week’s breaking news popping up from West Africa is from the recently held elections in Gambia. While we are better off forgetting Gambia, we can’t resist celebrating the elections in Ghana to confirm that democracy is alive and with us in Africans. One nagging question, however, to be answered graciously by the distinguished High Commissioner of Ghana to Zambia is, “Where did your country print the ballot papers from? Was it in Dubai, South Africa or on the Ghanaian soil?

Eric Nawa, Chongwe


The Zambia Bureau of  Standards (ZABS)


Dr. Edward Group in his article wrote, ‘the health dangers of table salt’. This was in the Daily Nation Newspaper dated 8th December, 2016. He ably detailed the dangers of the salt that we all eat almost every day. I ask ZABS to take it up from where he left in his article and educate the public about this and perhaps more importantly, guide us to where we can find Himalayan salt. Can ZABS ensure the importation or production of the same Himalayan salt? Who knows it? Maybe that is the same salt that is found on plains of Lake Mweru in the ever green Luapula province. There is salt there which I saw packaged in tree barks in my younger days.

Could it be the same one? Citizen


  FINCA loan officers rude


Kindly allow me space in your newspaper to air my grievances on the appalling attitude of employees at FINCA. They lack all necessary diplomacy when it comes to dealing with their clients. This is even worse in Kapiri Mposhi. FINCA has enslaved its clients. Citizen, Kapiri Mposhi


Trust in Jesus


People build too many walls but not enough bridges whereas they pray for things to be easy for them instead of praying for them to be strong. Some do things in need to impress others instead of doing things to impress God. Others seek love instead of finding the barriers within themselves that they have built. They say, we can’t see our ears unless we use a mirror. Let us analyze Matthew 17: 8-9. But remember, doing the right thing is the only way to prosperity in Jesus’ name.  Citizen


Why has Govt neglected Pave Zambia?


I write to ask the Government why they have abandoned the Pave Zambia Project. Through this project, at least a good number of youths were employed in all the ten provinces. Youths are tired of fake promises. The so called Somalian investors are all over Lusaka doing fine in their businesses of making pavers and blocks. Why can’t the Government through RDA make this project a profit making venture if they think funding it is a problem. Let the contractors buy pavers from RDA. Those who are given contracts to pave this township roads should also be involved in block making.

James Banda, Kabwe 


Let Gambia’s losing  president accept defeat


We should give credit to the electoral commission for conducting free and fair elections in Gambia and Ghana. Let other countries learn something from this. For Yahya Jammeh, the majority has decided and spoken through the ballot box. Be like Ghana’s outgoing President who has accepted defeat and vowed to give support to the incoming President. Rupiah Banda cried but he accepted defeat.

Mathias. S.J. Phiri, Chawama


ZABS should act on ‘junta’ makers


It is very alarming to learn that locally made alcoholic products known as ‘junta’ have flooded the market and there seems to be no control. Who is in-charge of making sure that all merchandise, including products meant for human consumption are up to a certain recommended standard? If they were to conduct a thorough investigation, they would concur with me that nearly all ‘junta’ related products are below standard. It is high time they made some changes on the alcohol market. I challenge them to conduct an investigation. Concerned citizen, Lusaka



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