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Innocent Kalaluka not a good commentator


Allow me space in your paper to comment on the ZNBC commentator, Innocent Kalaluka. This man is not a good commentator and ZNBC should quickly find a replacement. I’m sick and tired of listening to commentaries with’’ kavoba’’ language like ‘wele’, ‘asanga baleteya etc. We have very good commentators like Musonda Chibulu, Matimba Nkonje, Marsha Chilemena and Lenard Chibansa. We want a mature commentator who can do a good job locally and abroad.

Kennedy Munyemesha


Woodlands extension turning into den of thieves


We have a problem in Woodlands Extension, foreigners have turned their homes into shops and bars, closing very late in the evening, thereby becoming a thieves’ den and the police are doing nothing about it. Why? Can the IG please help us?

Isaac Chilawa,



Government should fight high levels of unemployment


I want to urge the Government to fight the high levels of unemployment in our country. Government should fight for women and youths. The Ministry of Commerce, with the help of Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) should train people in different kinds of businesses. The youths and women should be trained in businesses like fish farming, chicken rearing, growing crops like cotton, soya, cashew nuts and groundnuts.



Zesco load shedding is economic sabotage


Assuming the case was brought to court to determine whethThis ZESCO load shedding is leading to economic sabotage in our country. Most of the productive hours of the day are spent without power. Results are likely to be massive job losses due to low productivity, escalating prices of consumables such as mealie-meal, bread etc. Our leaders should start thinking beyond ZESCO. We have big rivers in Luapula and Northern provinces that can help us generate power for local consumption and for export. Government should stop thinking of importing power which we can generate locally.

Kennedy Munyemesha


Old women should be role models to girls


Older women should be role models to girls in terms of conduct, dressing and behavior. Older women have a role to play in the restoration of morals in society. It is important that we rise up and restore our God-given morality. This country has been turned into Sodom and Gomorrah where you find women who are married flirting with men.

Kennedy Munyemesha 


Zambian economy getting worse


The Zambian economy has really become so bad that even the witches who used to give food in dreams have stopped. Can the Government please do something to improve our economy.

Yahya Dube, Matero


Kambwili tame your temper


Mr. Kambwili, I am one of your followers but the way you are conducting yourself shows no good morals. How is it that at your age and position, you can talk of physical fighting? We love you but please know how to conduct yourself.

Mathias. S.J.Phiri, Chawama



Unruly behaviour of UPND cadres saddening


The behavior of UPND cadres attacking property at High Court is sad. What would happen in the country if UPND was to be given State power? This anarchist party should be banned from Zambian politics before the country is set on fire by Hakainde and GBM. Thanks to our police for a job well done for averting further damage. The PF government must now sleep with one eye open.

Oliver Kachepa, Chongwe


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