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Thu, 22 Dec 2016 11:19:11 +0000

HH already losing 2021 elections


Already, HH has started losing the 2021 elections. It is really sad for him. Just look at this: while his friends are busy building roads, schools and hospitals, he and his cadres are busy damaging voters’ cars regardless of whether they are his supporters or not. The man seems not to realize that the majority of the voters in Zambia are what they call undecided voters. Most of the voters are people who prefer to conduct their everyday activities in peace to put food on their tables and yet these are the same people HH’s cadres are inconveniencing. What type of politicians are these people? HH, be ready for another humiliating defeat!

Micky, Ndola


Zambia police


Zambia police should study the code of ethics to ensure strict adherence and in turn avoid conflict of interests with clients. Police officers countrywide should understand the code of ethics and apply it in their day to day lives and improve their operations. Don’t let it gather dust. There is too much corruption in the police especially traffic officers with their kabova language like ‘tulyemo, nisube oil’ etc.

Kennedyy Munyemesha


 Let us fight early marriages 


The issue of early marriages is still a battle for our minds. Despite efforts by the Government and various stakeholders to reduce early marriages, the vice is increasing at an alarming rate. I, therefore, appeal to my fellow young boys and girls to stay away from pre-marital sex and wait until the right time, which is in marriage. This is the time for you to decide whether to build or destroy your life. The choice is yours.

Allan Asamoah


Misconceptions about HIV/AIDS


There are so many misconceptions about HIV/ AIDS among the youths. Some people believe that the HIV virus came from a chimpanzee while others believe it was created by a white man to destroy Africans but there is no evidence to prove that the virus came from either of these allegations. HIV/AIDS is still a threat to human development, therefore, let us behave in a responsible way and also support and care for those who are already infected with HIV/AIDS. Together we can win.



 Chishimba Kambwili should watch his tongue


The comment made by Chishimba Kambwili that he will beat Mr. Lusambo is rather disappointing. Why is Mr. Kambwili now behaving like someone who is lost in the jungle? Once he was fired from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services, he has been behaving like the opposition. This should be a wakeup call for all the ministers who have been entrusted to perform according to our national recommendation. Edgar Lungu is willing to work even with the opposition, so if Mr. Kambwili is not willing to work with those in the opposition, let him be quiet.



To our MP Victoria Kalima


The people of Kasenengwa are still waiting for the construction of the road from Mutenguleni to Kasenengwa clinic. This road has been damaged and motor vehicles always find it difficult even to go to some places like Chikungu etc.  You have been our MP for some time now and you know how bad this same road is. Now that we voted for you again, are you going to betray our confidence in you or fulfill the promises you made to us including the construction of this same road? Please, listen to our cry.

Allan Asamaoah

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 Attention Mr Kambwili


I would like to advise Mr Kambwili to tone down and stop attacking people who the President has given positions. As late President Michael Sata said, politics is about numbers, Kambwili alone can’t win. Please, keep quiet. The respect I had for you is disappearing and people no longer have any kind words for you. Downfall is easy, remember that.

Concerned PF sympathizer


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