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Horse Shoe scandal  puzzling


The most puzzling aspect of the entire scandal is the lack of balance in the whole story. The people who are supposed to have uttered those abominable racist remarks have not been given an opportunity to be heard. We are hearing the one side of Ms. Mwambazi, who I hear has a history of confrontations with white “racists” in Australia and other places. It will be fair if your reporters obtained the other aside of this story to balance the picture. KC


 Horse Shoe recording is from South Africa


Revelations that the recording of a racists white man denying a black person the use of lodge facilities is actually from South Africa and not Horse Shoe raises very serious questions about the entire saga. There is need for a serious investigation to determine the motivation of those who are claiming that the owners of Horse Shoe are beinf racist. Why would they want to pass a south African recording for being Zambian?

Alfred Banda.


HRC right on Horse Shoe

restaurant racism 


The truth is what came up with the Human Rights Commission is what is going on at the Horse Shoe Restaurant. The Commission has people who know how to investigate issues. That is absolutely their work. What our Minister of Labour madam Joyce Nonde came up with was bush investigations which nobody should be forced to believe in.

Chrispin Chanda


 Black Mountain safety  worrying


Yes, the Black Mountain will be given back to the right “owners’ but lives have been lost in past.  Not too long ago, I   watched a video were a youth was rescued from the debris of the same mountain when some parts of it collapsed.  When it comes to safety, who shall provide the safety to these youths?  It is not a bad idea that it is given to them but let’s be concerned about the lives too. Life is precious. Andrew Chifire


 Night travel ban doesn’t hold water


The ban on night travel by buses is a totally misguided decision. If RTSA can check their records correctly, they will find that most, if not all, PSV fatal accidents in the past two years have actually happened between 05:00 hours and 20hours. This is because of heavy traffic between Lusaka and Ndola.

Collins Mwenge


  Assassination remarks by Kampyongo


“It will be of no political value to assassinate HH,” says Kampyongo. This statement can easily be misunderstood. It can be construed to mean something which Mr Kampyongo did not intend to imply in the first place. Look at the same statement from another angle. If there was political value to be gained would government killed HH? What Mr Kampyongo should have said is that,” Government does not assassinate people,” period. As it stands that statement can convey a wrong impression



UPND MPs are cowards


What can be done to non-performing Presidents especially in Africa who find it difficult to resign on their own? It looks like these UPND MPs were simply blind of such a decision for them to admit the wrongs. Perhaps a sign of being cowards as it looks like.

Concerned Citizen



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