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For now forget 2021


The talk of 2021 presidential elections should be pushed aside by both the ruling and opposition parties. It’s time for PF to work and the opposition to have their checks and balances.

Concerned Zambian


Prostitutes should pay tax to ZRA  


The number of prostitutes in Lusaka city is escalating at an incredible rate and there is need for ZRA to start collecting Tax from this source. This government needs to pass a bill in Parliament that will put stringent measures so that the number can at least reduce. Zambia is a Christian nation and must be governed by the Ten Commandments.

Mwivwanji Sinkala, Lusaka 


Kalu censured


The revelation in the national newspaper of 9th January, 2016 that Kalu gave foreign players more points than Kalaba a Zambian during the GO-CAF Awards in Nigeria made very sad reading. Very sad indeed.

 Soccer fan


Luapula no-go area for PF


Please, allow me a space in your newspaper to air my views and warn the so called PF rebels fighting President Edgar Lungu on a daily basis that Luapula Province is not with them and a no go area for them. Any MP from Luapula supporting the rebels at the expense of development in the area will have themselves to blame if they are expelled from the party.

Chibale, former district treasurer, Kabwe
Central Province


Joseph Musonda should hang up boots


Former international defender Joseph Musonda said in one of the daily tabloid that he has three years before he hangs his boots. Musonda is 39 years old and my advice to this player is that he should only play for one season and leave the game of football to the young stars. Football is very competitive. You cannot play good football at the age of 42. Lastly, Nkana Football Club should draft ba “Muzo” to the technical bench next year.

Kennedy Munyemesha



Pilato the young artist


Pilato the young artist is misunderstood by many Zambians for his good works. This young artist has decided to speak for the voiceless. Pilato is in category of former stars like P.K. Chishala, Shimasta, Nasty D, Twice, Petersen, Lucky Dube and Dickson Mponda.  Criticising the government simply means you are reminding them to wake up from slumber and do the job they were voted for. Lastly, we don’t’ need puppets in music industry.



Kambwili is losing it


Mr Chishimba Kambwili, you are slowly losing direction and if you are not careful with your mouth, you will end up like a burning candle. We know you are one of the founder members of PF but that doesn’t guarantee you to loose talking. Don’t be used by the media and the cartel to destabilise the party. Just tone down and check yourself.

 Mathias S.J. Phiri, Chawama


Mulungushi Textiles killing small tailors


It is a paradox that instead of  the “reopened Mulungushi textiles producing fabrics and thus  create employment, it has put small scale tailors out of business as uniforms for all schools in Kabwe are being produced  by the company and  school heads are telling parents to buy uniforms  for their children from schools and not elsewhere.

Disappointed parent, Kabwe



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