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Distribution of chemicals in Armyworm infested areas


I have a serious concern over the distribution of chemicals by Government in places that are affected by armyworms and stalk borers. In some places like Chikankata district, farmers are using washing pastes to spray. Where are the chemicals recommended for use?

Br. Bendinda, Chikankata district


Directed to the Luanshya Mayor



Mr. Chanda is highly educated but why has he kept quiet on the councillors who forged the Grade Twelve (12) certificates and had dockets opened at Luanshya Central Police but no action has been taken about it. Please, your worship, time to act is now. We know them as much as we do.



Lifwekelo’s exposes Nevers  Mumba’s manoeuvres


The revelation by Mr. Lifwekelo on Dr. Mumba’s manoeuvres in the Sunday Nation of January 8, 2017 shows how greedy this man can be. UPND has long serving members in its ranks. How then can he expect himself to be at the top without regard for those who have been with the party for this long? Why hate President Lungu instead of us who voted for him? It’s simply unbelievable. True, this man is the biggest army worm who wanted to ambush the UPND. Thanks to alert members who immediately sprayed him with pesticides.

Micky, Ndola


Erratic water supply in Makululu compound


When we say there is a water problem in Makululu compound of Kabwe town, it is true. I went round in the four wards and talked to some women. They said that some of them drink water from wells. This is not political. Bwana MP and councilors, where are you?



Govt not providing fertilizers


The time for the delivery of basic farming inputs such as seeds and fertilizers is running out and I am just wondering what Government is doing about it up to now?  Does the Government want us to lose trust in them? My appeal is to President Lungu to help us, twapapata.

Mr. Mushili Makululu, Kabwe


ZNBC, improve your programming


Allow me to express my displeasure at the management of ZNBC particularly on its programming. It’s a shame that you get k3 only to show us repeats that date as far back as 2000. Why? ZNBC, please save yourself! Smooth talk episodes are constantly repeated. Improve on your programming.

Benjamin Nkhoma


Congratulations Anne Chinyanta


We really appreciate our councillor Anne Chinyanta for the job well done. No councilor has ever thought of removing garbage from Buseko road. We salute you. Keep it up!



Charles Musonda’s revered legacy


I believe Charles Musonda has made it big time. The son’s immaculate and stunningly good performance on the pitch bears testimony of his huge success. Keep it up bro!

Paul, NIPA




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