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Sat, 21 Jan 2017 15:37:31 +0000

Great North Road in poor state


I still don’t understand the road construction works going on around the country. The Great North Road has been left untouched and yet it is the busiest road. Why has the Government failed to make it a six lane road?

Concerned citizen


Tenure of Office of President


Why is LAZ letting the nation down by being mute on a matter that it is supposedly conversant with? Is it because it favours the incumbent President ECL? We, therefore, challenge LAZ to interpret clause 106 (6) (a) and (b) of No. 2 of 2016, page 45 of the Constitution of Zambia (amendment). Please, be impartial when guiding the nation on such sensitive legal matters rather than overloading the Constitutional Court. LAZ, come out and clear the air please.

Zambia Board Chairperson,

John. K. Chilima


2021 elections debate  inappropriate


I would like to support ZUFIAW President Ackim Mweemba who said that this is not the time to debate 2021 elections. People are living in poverty and suffering from hunger out there. Give the PF chance to fulfill the promises it made during the run up to the August 2016 general elections. We have not seen the manna President Edgar Lungu promised us and yet you are busy talking about the 2021 elections. This debate is totally misplaced.

Mercy Lungu   


Be patient, HH told


It is sad to see that up to now Hakainde Hichilema has not accepted his electoral loss. Mr Hichilema, if I were you, I would seek God and wait on him because God’s time is the best. It is written in the Bible that you must be fast to listen but slow to speak. In my opinion, you talk too much.



Kalululushi Mayor not  Kalululushi resident


Our Mayor in Kalulushi is not a resident of Kalulushi. The Mayor has gone to stay in Kitwe with her husband after winning the elections. Is it because she is related to the Information Minister? I call upon the PF SG to look into this matter?

Kalululushi resident   


HH and his party 


It is shocking to hear HH and his party as a whole talk about President Lungu’s eligibility of the 2021 general polls. Thy have deliberately failed to go for a convention but they are busy talking about the President’s eligibility. How many times has he lost an election?

Henry HBJ, Chongwe


New UNZA Vice Chancellor


If, as he has indicated, the new UNZA vice chancellor was really passionate about making a difference, questioning the morality of the empty UNZA coffers being used to spend the obscene k700, 000.00 on his official vehicle, would have been the best opportunity for him to demonstrate his good intentions.  Unfortunately, all he did was to blame the senate for ‘imposing’ the luxury on him.

Disappointed Citizen



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