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Zambia national soccer team lacks psychological stamina


The Zambia national soccer team seems to lack confidence and a fighting spirit due to poor handling of resources by FAZ and too much corruption among senior FAZ officials. This has contributed to the poor performance of the Chipolopolo Boys.The attitude and conduct of players is alright except that they are not adequately prepared for events such as the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Mwivwa, Lusaka




Where is ZRA? The number of prostitutes in Lusaka city is growing at a frightening rate and there is need for ZRA to start collecting tax from this source .The Government needs to pass a bill in Parliament that will make prostitutes liable to tax obligations. ZRA should probe institutions that are into the business of prostitution and get advice on how to go about it.



Kalu’s jealousy of Kalaba


Kalu has pure jealousy for Kalaba and his true colors were revealed at the just ended Go-CAF in Nigeria awards event. Kalu doesn’t want any Zambian player to win African player of the year apart from himself. Kalu should emulate players like Okocha, E’too and Charles Musonda..

Citizen, Lusaka


ACC recovers K700, 000


The story,” ACC recovers K700, 000” cited in the AG’s report in your edition of 17th January, 2017makes a very worrying revelation concerning the depth of corrupt transactions occurring in Government ministries. These revelations are a tip of an ice burg. The DPP should move in quickly to prosecute those involved. It is not surprising that some civil servants and ministers have built mansions out of public resources when the ordinary voter can hardly afford a bag of mealie-meal.

James A D Lungu,



PF Secretary General Davis Mwila


Mr. Davis Mwila is the worst SG I have ever seen.
Advisors should guide this man correctly on his conduct.

Mathias. S.J.Phiri, Chawama



President Edgar Lungu to
control floods?


I heard HH  saying President Edgar Lungu, our hard working President, should control the floods. Does he mean ECL should stop the rains? He himself can’t eve build a simple school in his native land.

Sorry HH!



Appeal to some NGO’s


We are appealing to some NGO directors to tell their members of staff to stop involving themselves in politics. We are already behind time with development. This is the time for development and not politics. Stop blaming the ruling party, respect the current Government because you are working with it. UPND is yet to be in power. If you want to join politics, stop working! Don’t misuse NGO commodities to deceive people. Some of these NGO’s have helped us immensely especially in agriculture, food relief, education, health and sponsorships for over 30 years.

Citizen, Luangwa district



GBM is bitter man


Why is that whenever GBM is bitter, the next thing he does is vent his anger out on women! We all know that Dora came from the newsroom. Whenever he opens his mouth, what comes out is unbearable. My advice to the two bitter leaders is that they should have respect for the women folk.

Mannix, Chelstone,



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