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Fred M’membe a problem


As the year begun, I came across very inspiring words from late Mr. Larry.H.Miller, founder of Larry.H.Miller Group. In his last words to his son, he said the following, “go do good to all until the world is good”. When I saw the headline in the Daily Nation Newspaper dated 24th January, 2017 captioned Fred M;membe attacks Judge, I immediately thought to myself, how long will this man continue doing bad to noble people? Does this man think that this world belongs to him alone and those who cross his path are not fit to walk on the surface of this earth? Honestly, what’s wrong with M’membe? The matter he was referring to happened years back and his case came up last year and is almost coming to an end. When did he realize that Judge Nkonde was not fit to preside over his case?

Micky, Ndola


Zeddy Saileti will perform


Zeddy Saileti, the newly appointed Nkana coach will perform. He has been at a stadium since 1991. He was a prolific striker banging goals for Nkana FC. He left for Finland where he played professional soccer for Ropes Football Club.  He came back as an assistant coach to Masautso Mwale (now late). Later, he became the right hand man of Aggrey Chiyangi. I know Sailet has a Lastly, let me say, kusanka sibalesa koma kasankidwe.




Lusambo should uplift Masala market


Mr Bowman Lusambo, the area Member of Parliament for Kabushi Constituency should lobby for the money to uplift Masala market. This market should be uplifted to international standards for the benefit of the local people. It becomes very difficult to do business during the rainy season because this market has no shelter. The market plays a very important role because it is a trading center not only for the people of Ndola but also to those who come from other places to sell their products. Lastly, Mr Lusambo can even lobby for the money to make a good market from the European Union.




Ndola MP’s should get to work


I want to urge the members of Parliament in Ndola to get down to work to satisfy the electorates. There is a lot of work in all the four constituencies namely, Kabushi, Bwana Mkubwa, Ndola Central and Chifubu. The four MP’s, Bowman Lusambo, Jonas Chanda, Frank Ngambi and Emmanuel Mulenga have stayed in these areas and know the problems they are facing.



Ndola Lime Company


Ndola Lime Company must start looking at business beyond lime production. It must diversify into sugar, cement and fertilizer production like the Global Industries, Trade Kings and Zambian Breweries. The company can even run a road construction department.

Former employee



Take away management mistreating workers?


These so called investors are exploiting workers at Fisher ways. Workers get K700 to take home and then remove a K210 for transport. How much is remaining? Please, Minister of Labour, help us and investigate this issue. We make a lot of money for this company, please assist us.

Concerned manager 


Sexual abuse at Kasama Girl’s and Lilayi police college


Give me space in your paper to comment about the sexual abuse at Kasama Girl’s and Lilayi Police College. The people involved should be reminded that this is inhuman and should not be tolerated. Students and pupils go to school to be educated and not be abused. Lastly, the people involved should be fired.



The PF did not win because of MMD


I disagree with the people saying and believing that we, the PF party, are in Government because of the MMD. However, I agree that the UPND could not have gotten such results had it not been for the MMD. The TRUTH is some constituencies like Mkushi South saw people that belonged to the MMD standing on the opposition, UPND ticket and MMD supporters rallied behind them . MMD did not help us here! Let me be called a fool for speaking the truth.

Bravo Hon. Davies Chisopa, MP for emerging victorious. A big up to myself for winning as well. Councilor Chrisphine Mboroma, (Prince), Luano district


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