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Kambwili has become big headed


Former Minister of Information, Chishimba Kambwili is following in the footsteps of Rainbow President, Wynter Kabimba. When Kabimba served as secretary general in the PF Government, he had a golden opportunity of succeeding President Michael Sata. A lot of people were saying the dark horse will pull a trigger as he was fondly known. He became big headed and started behaving like Idi Amin. Kambwili also had an opportunity of succeeding President Edgar Lungu. The man has reduced himself to a level of a Goliath. He is behaving like Saddam Hussein.

Kennedy Munyemesha



ZESCO has failed


Last year, ZESCO used to promise the people of Zambia that load shedding will end in October or November. Now, the Vice President says load shedding will end next year. Let the spokesperson himself come on TV and address the nation that load shedding is never going to end since a lot of people have built houses and so they don’t have enough power to be supplying to all of us at the same time rather than going around in circles.

K Moses



Job well done, Jean Sikazwe


Jean Sikazwe, the Kapiri Mposhi based FIFA referee is doing a fantastic job. The man needs our full support. He really deserves to be a FIFA referee. He has performed well both locally and internationally. I will be the happiest if he is chosen to go and do the same job at the World Cup. Lastly, the other referee who needs our support is Precious Lengwe.



Mwila not fit to be PF general secretary


Davies Mwila is not fit to be Patriotic Front secretary general. This man is not mature enough to be in that position. Mwila should be reminded that there is no law which says half of the land should be reserved for cadres. The old man needs to know that bus stations are meant to be run by the Councils and not cadres. Yes, the man needs to be schooled. Can you just see how he handled the issue of Tasila Lungu? When the young lady wanted to stand as Deputy Mayor, Mwila had someone in mind. Lastly, President Lungu should appoint Given Lubinda in this position.



Footballers suffering


Footballers countrywide are facing lot of challenges due to non-payment of salaries. Can the Government intervene in this matter? The Ministry of Sports is not supporting them and workers are facing more problems.




Men and women in uniform
marrying foreigners 


Kindly allow me space in your paper to air my views on the above mentioned subject. First of all, let Munshya Wa Munshya be reminded if he was not there from the time we got our independence down to the second republic, marrying foreigners by those in uniform was forbidden for obvious reasons. Let him not bring politics to this situation. In fact, during the second republic the same ban was in force.

Allan. C. Mengestone, RTD Serviceman



No privacy in Govt hospitals


Why is it that in Government hospitals, when a clinical officer is attending to a patient, anyone can enter the screening room, even a cleaner? Is there a Privacy Act to curb this? Concerned citizen


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