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Bank charges are too high


High charges being levied by Banks in Zambia are not only exploitative but a deliberate attempt to dissuade Zambians with limited means from banking. It is even more annoying that some foreign banks actually charge for cash deposits.  The Bank of Zambia must do more in their inspection top bring sanity to prevail among banks which seem to have a huge appetite of charging for almost all services while offering a pittance in

Betrand Mweenda


Government creating


I am concerned by the growing dependence of Zambian farmers on subsidies through inputs such as fertilizer. Instead of encouraging productivity these support structure are encouraging farmers to depend on Government to secure inputs which are quickly sold off to commercial farmers or exported to our neighboring countries. A better system must be found to support agriculture instead of  pouring cash into a bottomless pit from which little is gained. Let us look at other models where Government is not involved and yet the farmers are able to produce and earn from their efforts.

Sosten Kwendakwema


Muvi tv still doing fine


The departure of Costa Mwansa who was general manager has not changed a thing. The entire management is still intact and doing a fantastic job. All the programs Mwansa was presenting have continued to run. However, management should source for new movies
locally and abroad.

Kennedy Munyemesha



Sex toys 


Is Zambia still a Christian nation? I personally don’t think so because of the things that are happening in our country are weird and strange. How can a normal person who believes in God buy a sex toy while there are men and women in this world? These same products are usually bought by women claiming that men don’t satisfy them. What kind of satisfaction do they want? Satisfaction in bed itself is the one which brought these sex toys into Zambia.

Concerned citizen



Teacher replacement for 2016/2017


It is of great concern, the manner in which the replacements are being done. There is a lack of coordination and clear chain of command between districts and provincial officers. For instance, new teachers are deployed to a district only to be told there are no vacancies. Honestly, how can the PS and PEO’s assign teachers to districts without vacancies? This ill trend which has now been perceived to be normal should be eradicated in the system because it’s inconveniencing. We cannot develop as a nation if some officers are stepping on the genuine work of others for their selfish agendas.

Sad teacher


Leave Chishimba alone


In which party are you a youth chairman? How can you say ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ when it is not there. Go to ZRA, ZP, Zambia Army, P. Service, Health, Education, ZAF, RDA, and permanent secretaries and see if there is One Zambia, One nation. Leave Chishimba alone because he is there for the masses. Lastly, how can one vote for PF President, MP and Councilor and ‘no’ on the referendum.

Leeroy, Livingstone


Marry her or let her go


Some guys in Zambia cant study for a simple two years to obtain a common master’s degree but they can date a girl for five solid years and still claim that he still studying her. My brother, don’t waste her time, just marry her. If you can’t then tell her the truth that you will not marry her. There are some other people out there looking for marriage.

John Paja Paja



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