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M’Membe lacks a good sense of judgement


Let’s face it, Fred M’membe lacks good sense of judgement. Look at this, the man decided to go to various banks alone to obtain loans knowing very well that his company was registered with ZRA for tax purposes and had employed people. When he failed to honour all the obligations attached to the above, the owners of the money presented him with demand notices and others took him to courts of law to demand payment. Then the man turns around and blames President Lungu, accusing him of having played a part in his financial mess. Honestly, does this make sense? This man went alone to get th0se loans and President Lungu was not anywhere near him. How on earth should the President be brought in this fiasco caused by King Fred himself?

Micky, Ndola




Night travel ban 


That the night travel ban is costing the mines US$9 million per week is no small matter. The ban should only affect vehicles carrying more than five passengers. Cargo trucks should be allowed to travel at night. Vehicles carrying five or less passengers should be strongly advised to travel during the day.

S Phiri




Resolve bouncing e-voucher card issue


I am a victim of this. As a senior citizen farming at Chinzete village it has been a painful experience. Last week both Barclays bank and Agro dealers tossed me here and there. I now want a refund and was referred to FRA. Dora ulikuni? Longosola vinthu na crop failure yangu.

Mai Moyo




Zambia needs a national airline


We cannot be expanding airports and building new ones to be solely used by foreign airlines. It’s like building new stadiums to be used by foreign teams. We will end up with white elephants. We need a national airline to create employment and to service areas not covered by private airlines, both local and regional. Remember Zambia Airways? It was Zambia’s pride. I miss those days. You could fly to Mansa, Kasama, Chipata, Mongu etc. it was a go-come. You could fly to Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, England, USA, India etc. using Zambia Airways. Our national football team (KK Eleven) travelled the entire continent of Africa in search of glory (with Denis Liwewe) using Zambia Airways. Railway transport should be developed separately to ease pressure on our roads.

  1. Phiri




Where are the teachers’ union leaders?


Allow me space in your paper to find out if the teachers’ union leaders of ZANUT, BETUZ, SETUZ and PROTUZ are still in leadership. If they are, when are they concluding negotiations for more money in teacher’s pockets? Thank you.

Kabaso.M. Luanshya



The laws of Zambia


I want to ask what Zambia’s law says about police. Can policemen arrest and hold a married woman? Or can a policewoman hold a married man? It is my concern to see policemen in Zambia hold a married woman. Let us have a law similar to the Indian law that states that policemen cannot arrest married women.

Citizen, Kabwe



ZABS sleeping giant


The Zambian Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is a sleeping giant. This institution is not performing to expectation. We have seen a lot of fake products entering our country. Most of these products like spares, electrical appliances and clothes come from China. Locally, we have bakeries and butcheries selling meat and bread which is not fit for human consumption. I have been wondering what the role of this institution is playing. Lastly, ZABS is toothless, it should be closed.





Zanaco football club needs more players


The ZANACO Football Club head coach Numba Mumamba should acquire a good number of players. The departure of Obbrey Funga, Rodrick Kabwe, Fackson Kapumbu, Davy Daka, Isaac Chansa, Aaron Katebe and others simply means this team needs about six good players as replacements. ZANACO will  not only be competing in the CAF tournament but also in the MTN Super League, Charity Shield and Barclay’s tournament. I also want to salute ZANACO for beating APR of Lwanda by one goal to nil.



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