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Tue, 28 Feb 2017 10:39:00 +0000


Can Mr. Mubanga Luchembe please write on the mushrooming of illegal shops and bars owned by foreigners in Woodlands Extension? These are becoming a nuisance as these foreigners close these shops very late.

Chilawa, Lusaka



Chishimba Kambwili must shut up



Kambwili just wants to use his useless political ideas to dent the name of President Lungu. Chishimba is a finished politician who has no vision. He just wants to bring confusion where there is peace. Let him know that he cannot be the President of Zambia if that is what he is wishing for. No Zambian in their five senses can vote for Kambwili as President.




We are fed up of M’membe and Mutinta



I write to express my concern over the issue of the Post tax saga. Why is it taking so long to bring this issue to an end? It seems the paper more powerful than the GRZ. Please finish this nonsense because we will spend more taxpayer’s money than what this man, M’membe and his wife have robbed the nation. Please end this witch hunting. We are fed up of M’membe and Mutinta.

EK, Masaiti



Learn from Shaka about enemies



I must warn the Government that if they fail to deal with M’membe decisively, he will turn on them with a ferocity they will not be able to contain. He has shown to have made friends with foreign political parties and associate with communist leaning. These will continue to help him. Don’t forget the help that Cuba gave to Angola. Learn from Shaka or fall into the pit.

Sosten Zgambo


ZNBC’s failure to beam live

AfCON games


 The announcement by ZNBC of their failure to beam live AFCON games does not surprise anyone who knows that they have business interests in MultiChoice so they want everyone to own a DSTV or GOTV decoder. Or is this the deal they have entered into with FAZ to force people to watch the games? For the sake of the poor Zambians, the Government should sponsor the matches or what will be the purpose of hosting a tournament that the people cannot watch on their national broadcaster and on which the nation has spent so much money to ensure it succeeds?

K.Mulenga, Kabwe



Chipata city


Chipata is now a city having met the benchmarks for this status. However, the President shouldn’t have rushed to announce the turning of the golf course into housing plots for doing so will make the new city lose one very important recreation requirements for a city status. Chipata has vast land which the city council can designate for residential housing.



ZNBC is a big let down


ZNBC is such a big let down. The under 20 Africa Cup is being held right here in Zambia and it won’t televise any of the games. It is a very big shame. Do they think of the rural populace? The two stadiums could not accommodate all soccer fans even if it was free entrance. Who is interested in the updates?

  1. Chishimba, Mufulira


South African violence is a



It is disgusting that South African blacks should attack fellow struggling blacks who are trying to make a living instead of attacking the white capitalists who are controlling the entire economy. The whole aim of independence from racism was to ensure that they would help themselves and their kin develop to the level where the whites had reached. How can they attack a person running a small kantemba? What benefit will they get apart from being ostracized by the rest of the black community around the world.

Dominic Sheda




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