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‘Lungu not our president’ made sad reading


‘Lungu not our President’ made sad reading indeed. Is Mr. Halwabala following the UPND agenda? If so, what is the position of the UPND MP’s regarding what has been published?

Ms. Luwingu


Street vending ugly


The observations by Born Kachola in Monday’s Daily Nation readers forum dated 6tth March 2017, “ The curse of Street vending” is spot on and only an unpatriotic and myopic government can pay a deaf ear to this genuine call to get rid of street vending especially in the central business district of Lusaka. It’s truly mind boggling that the party in power has lamentably failed to come up with workable and lasting solutions to street vending in Zambia generally. It is so shameful, to say the least that, recently, while LCC, was devising ways to clean up the city to bring sanity to the city, one senior member of a named party called for a meeting to encourage this mess. What is really amiss with some politicians?

Godfrey Mambwe


Blame the executives


Let us not put the blame on the Linda Kasonde issue with LAZ for not appointing lawyers to represent its members like the Edward Shamwana and others but put it on the executives of that time because they went to sleep. They didn’t realize that it was their duty to do that. Also, why do you get opinions from politically inclined lawyers either from the PF or UPND.



People die in stampede



I want to urge the Government to arrest the person who called the people to go and get free mealie-meal. How can he tell the people of Lusaka to come to one place? He is the one who caused the deaths of all the people who have passed on.


Directed at Kalusha Bwalya


Kalu twakupapa sana twala ubupuba ukutali, you lost the elections to one Kamanga and please leave him alone. Kamanga has a lot to plan for the U-20. Kalu used to take our soccer team to South African camps with players lodging in a hotel belonging to his close friends.

Stanley.B. Silwimba


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