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LAZ tolerates indiscipline


The Sunday interview featuring Amos Chanda was one of the best interviews ever on ZNBC. LAZ president Linda Kasonde should take it easy. Madam you are exposing yourself badly. Zambians are no longer docile but they think and see ahead of some of you. Here we are asking for your fair judgement on Amos and Hakainde Hichilema. You remained mute on scathing attacks on the ConCourt judges by the UPND leader following the failed presidential petition.



Mwanakatwe’s ‘unfair treatment’


Judge Mwiinde Siavwapwa refuses Mwanakatwe a stay (Daily Nation December 3). In the same edition, it is reported that Judge Edward Musona granted Professor Nkandu Luo a stay of execution pending determination of her petition by the Supreme Court. Is it not now clear that the Oasis Forum especially Fr. Clephas Lungu and madam Susan Matale both members of the clergy agree with what Mr Amos Chanda was saying? I particularly have picked these two because they understand very well what God says on treating a person unfairly. Some Judge are exposing the country to grave danger.

Micky, Ndola


Attacks on Amos Chanda baseless


UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka’s threats on Amos Chanda that if he continues, he would be sued holds no water. In the first place, we challenge Katuka to first sue Martha Mushipe for her unprofessional conducts before the Concourt bench. Who is worst between Amos and Mushipe?  If the answer is Mushipe, then sue the learned lawyer who insulted the bench .It is sad that Katuka did not condemn that brutal attack on the ConCourt bench. No wonder, God could not give power to UPND.

Concerned senior citizen



The Ministry of Infrastructure


I commend Government for putting up the Toll gate at Turnpike and to stop the PSV vehicles to travel at night. At least there is some order on the roads now. But I am once again reminding RDA to widen the road where the Police have put up the checkpoint because the road is being eaten up by the heavy vehicles being stopped every minute.

Concerned toll fee payer



ZNBC needs new board


The new Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mulenga Kampamba should appoint a new board at ZNBC. This institution has only a board chairman without board members. For ZNBC to run in a professional way, it needs a board to help management make good decisions. Apart from that, the institution needs a team of experts for it to be where it was because as at now it lacks transport, quality cameras, stationery and the workers are not well remunerated.

Kennedy Munyemesha


Fish ban not properly done


The ban on fishing for three months by the Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Mr Katambo cannot go without comment. The Department of fisheries for several years in the past has failed to implement this ban. Let the ban be at the water bodies where fishermen continue to fish and stockpile the fish which they sell once the ban is uplifted, this should be supported with check points. Let the department of fisheries not sleep because fish is an important resource.

Michael Ngalaba



FAZ should introduce ‘team B’


FAZ should re-introduce Zambia ‘B’ teams to supplement players to the national team. In the past, this worked well and our national team was very strong. Players who failed to perform in the national team were dropped to pave way for the players in the ‘B’ team. Our team was second best in Africa, but now we are even failing to beat underdogs like Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania.

 Soccer fan

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