Tone down and apologize, Mangani tells Kambwili

Tue, 03 Jan 2017 07:52:17 +0000


By Oscar Malipenga


ROAN Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been advised to tone down his rhetoric and apologize to the PF central committee for issuing ‘‘wild’’ media statements which have no blessings from the party.

And Mr Kambwili has been advised to speak through the central committee in order to avoid creating antagonism among the party leadership.

Eastern Province PF campaign committee member Lameck Mangani has told Mr Kambwili that using the media to communicate his ideas would create a lot of antagonism but he should consider seating down and resolving the matter as a family through the central committee.

‘‘Kambwili is my dear cousin and everybody knows that he has been a very hard working member of the party but I want to advise him as his cousin that he should tone down. It will not help him to issue statements anyhow.

“He is a member of the central committee of the party and immediately he issues statements outside the normal framework of the party, people will always suspect him that possibly he has an agenda outside the party and it will not work out very well,” Mr Mangani said.

He said the experience he (Mangani) has gained over the years was that in politics one could not hunt alone ‘‘just like a in any football team, they win as a team’’.

“So, even PF won these elections as a team, as a collective body. So even when they want to work out certain things they should discuss most of those things in central committee meeting.

“Why have they decided to ignore the central committee and start talking about these matters outside? So it creates unnecessary suspicion, unnecessary tension within the party,” he said.

Mr Mangani said at the current stage he was not afraid to advise Mr Kambwili to just apologise to the leadership of the party that possibly his utterances had not been pleasing to the leadership of the party and there was nothing wrong in apologizing. “Let him not dance to the wings of other people; it will help him to just say ‘I am sorry, I did not toe the party line’. I think some of these issues as sensible as they maybe should have been better dealt with in the central committee.

“So all the leaders in the party must use the central committee as a platform to deal with most of the issues.

Wild statements scare away and bring tension in the party. It is unnecessary. This is my advice to my dear cousin Kambwili,” Mr Mangani sai Mr Mangani said Mr Kambwili was a member of the PF central Committee who should know the party procedure and the history of PF.  “There were those 22 expelled MPs who on the constitutional matters decided to support the constitution-making process.


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