Toothless Trade Unions

Sat, 11 Mar 2017 13:37:37 +0000

Dear Editor,

I totally agree with Honorable Joyce Simukoko that trade unions are less than useful today.

It is public knowledge that lots of employees are subjected to poor salaries, poor working environments, inhuman treatment particularly from foreign employers and long working hours but union leaders just talk without actions.

The only thing they are good at is to milk meagre resources from poor workers and conduct useless workshops.

Where was Mine Workers Union of Zambia when mines were chasing away miners from companies?

My thinking is now that the price of copper on the international market has soared, the Mine Workers Union should stand up for the rights of mine workers. Is it Mr. Chewe who increased the price of copper?

Today those miners who lost jobs are now darling to Mr. Chewe because that means more allowances in his pockets. Where was he when miners were being retrenched?

These useless trade unions must be dissolved and let ministry of labor do its job-protecting the rights of employees. Trade unions are just conduits for corruption by a few jobless people who have nothing to do for this country!! EM, Kitwe.


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