Trade Kings, Sanlam donate to UTH

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TRADE Kings Zambia in partnership with Access Bank donated hampers worth K45,000 to the maternity wing at the University Teaching Hospital during the International Women’s Day commemoration on Wednesday, says Trade Kings media manager John Songwe.

“On this International Women’s Day celebration, we recognize the important roles women play in our society,” he said.

He said Trade Kings had been working with Access Bank since the company came to Zambia.

Mr. Songwe said it was always important to recognize the value of women in all sectors of society as they played the motherly role to everyone.

He said that Trade Kings was happy to be in partnership with Access Bank to donate women hampers and cleaning materials to mothers.

And Access Bank managing director, Joana Bannerman, said it was an honour to be part of the donation by the corporate world.

Ms. Bannerman said it was a good thing to give back to the community as the business world ‘‘because the people we give back to are our very own customers’’.

She said every woman was important as they played a major role in fostering development in the home and family at large.

And Sanlam Life Insurance has donated 540 units of sanitary towels to the Cancer Diseases Hospital at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka on Tuesday.

Sanlam chief financial officer, Ms. Sandra Munkombwe, said cancer was one of the leading causes of death in the world and developing countries were the most affected.

Ms. Munkombwe said Sanlam recognized the works done by the cancer hospital in Zambia by creating awareness, detection and treatment of both children and adults.

“As we commemorate International Women’s Day, Sanlam Life Zambia is fully involved in the fight against cancer as it is not only a task reserved exclusively for professionals and researchers, but is a social and personal responsibility for the society as a whole,” she said.

She said that Sanlam was pleased to join in the fight to raise awareness throughout Zambia on matters that concerned the lives of people.


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