Traditional counsellor speaks out on sexual boosters

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 13:47:29 +0000




A TRADITIONAL counselor, Iress Phiri has disputed reports that men resort to using sexual boosters because of pressure from women.

Ms Phiri who is Zambia National Traditional Counselors (ZNTC) president said some men just drank too much beer and resorted to the use of traditional herbs to improve their performance.

She said that nobody forced a man or a woman to use sexual boosters as they did so out their own free will.

“However when one has a problem as a man or woman, it is better  to go to the hospital and avoid taking herbs anyhow because they have side effects, people are dying these days because of using medicines that they do not understand,” she explained

However, association board member Redges Mubiana said to some extent there was pressure from women for men to use sexual enhancers because every man wanted to be seen to be strong.

“During my time, when I was wedding I was told to always let the man take the lead but now the times have changed because knowledge has increase and so as technology and so yes there is pressure to a certain extent,” Ms. Mubiana said


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