Tribalism and Politics 

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 13:20:35 +0000


I am disgusted at how naïve some seemingly educated people can be to believe that tribalism can make them whatever they imagine to be by clinging to their tribes and/or regions. Apparently they do not know that tribalism does not make a man but that a man makes himself. When the British went to South Africa in their quest for imperialism, they found many warrior tribesmen. Dingani, Shaka and others. These were natives to the core but the British quickly noted that Shaka was a figure, not because Shaka was a Zulu but because Shaka was Shaka. In the 21st Century, when the world has become a global village, it is sad that a man can cling to sick Robinhood political behaviour even act as a mouth piece to criminals on the run from justice. I advise my brothers and sisters engaged in tribal politicking to come out of their cocoon and see things clearly, not through fog. Their followers too must have the kindness to wisen them up. Balijisi lubonu? Well and good, but it must be wealth wise not a blind alley flaunt. It is sad.

Harrison .N. Chanda, Kabwe


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