Trump blows it 

Sat, 04 Feb 2017 11:13:32 +0000


Trump has blown it by ordering some citizens of America (especially Muslims) to leave America because according to him, they are illegal immigrants. Trump who is an illegal immigrant by virtue of being descendants of Europeans who forcibly occupied and dominated America has just flagged off the return to their countries of all European descendants of white colonialists who forced themselves on indigenous people. America belongs to the Hidatsan, Wampanoag, Powhatan, Potawatuni, Shoshoni, Karok and many other native Indians who have been displaced since 1492. It is time for them to gain independence. Donald Trump, therefore, ascended to power in America’s first ever rigged election to fulfill the Biblical saying that no stone shall remain on top of the other. America ought to go back to its indigenous people to rule themselves. May I end by congratulating President Trump for doing to the United States of America what former President Gobashev did to the defunct USSR.

Kampamba Mulenga,



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