Tutwa Ngulube annoys Mulongoti

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PEOPLE’S party president Mike Mulongoti says he qualified with a degree in law from the University of Zambia (UNZA) contrary to assertions by Patriotic Front (PF) Kabwe central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube that he was a dropout.

Last week, Mr Ngulube told Daily Nation that Mr Mulongoti was not competent to make comments on legal matters because he was not a lawyer and does not understand law.

Mr Ngulube was reacting to a story in The Mast newspaper attributed to Mr Mulongoti questioning why the Head of State was still keeping both commerce minister Margret Mwanakatwe and high education minister Prof. Nkandu Luo as cabinet ministers.

But Mr Mulongoti said Mr Ngulube was just a PF cadre bent at embarrassing him by accusing him of being a law student dropout.

“In what capacity was he speaking? He is just a PF cadre and MP for Kabwe but does that give him authority to answer me on behalf of the courts?

Mr Mulongoti said Mr Ngulube was not the right person to answer him on behalf of the courts.

“Who is Tutwa Ngulube to respond to me? He is just a PF cadre who wants to embarrass me,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He dispelled Mr Ngulube’s assertions by clarifying that he graduated in 2009 at the University of Zambia with a degree in law.

“Where did he get the story that me I failed at school? I graduated in 2009 so when did he check that I have failed?” Mr Mulongoti said.

He said Mr Ngulube was not his spokesperson and challenged to go and check for his results at the university.

“If you want come to my office you will see my degree and the photos when I was graduating from the university, so, I do not understand why Tutwa Ngulube is talking about,” he said.

Mr Mulongoti ordered that his clarification should be published in the Daily Nation because Mr Ngulube mislead the nation when he referred to him as a UNZA dropout.

Mr Ngulube said Mr Mulongoti was compromising the independence of the courts of law by asking why President Lungu was still keeping Margret Mwanakatwe and Prof. Nkandu Luo as ministers against the High Court orders that they vacate office following nullification of their parliamentary seats.

Mr Ngulube, who is Kabwe Central Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament, said the matter which Mr Mulongoti commented was currently before the constitutional court.

“Tell him (Mulongoti) that he is actually in contempt. He is not competent to make comments on matters of this nature, he is not a lawyer, he does not understand.

“He failed his law degree at the University of Zambia, he didn’t finish school so he does not understand the process,” Mr Ngulube said.

He advised Mr Mulongoti to consider going back to UNZA and finish his course so that he could have knowledge to comment on such matters.

“Mr Mulongoti does not understand law because he failed in his class. So if he thinks he has so much knowledge let him go back to the school of law and pass then he can come to ZIALE to become a lawyer.



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