UPND future dim-Kafwaya

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:31:08 +0000


By Mukosela Kasalwe


THE future of UPND is bleak because if any member comes up with brilliant ideas or seems to challenge Hakainde Hichilema, he is considered a threat, says former Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Dawson Kafwaya.

Mr Kafwaya alleged that the UPND would continue to have dwindling political fortunes due to its top leadership dictatorial tendencies, saying only a person who had never been in the inner circle of the opposition party would appreciate it but that people close to its leadership knew that it was a dictatorial type of leadership.

In an interview yesterday, he said that it was unfortunate that the UPND was run by one person but observed that all members needed to give strategies and ideas on how the party would be effective and remain relevant.

He said that politics of hatred and fault finding would not help the country but stated that reconciliation and working together with the ruling PF would steer the country to development, saying there was need for co-existence.

“It’s only someone who has not been in the UPND inner circle who can appreciate but some of us know what’s in UPND. It’s a dictatorial kind of leadership despite what ideas one may have. If you come out like you are challenging Hakainde, then you will become enemies with him.

“The future of the UPND will continue cracking even the people who seem close to HH, you will see them leaving because of the poor top leadership,” Mr Kafwaya said.

Mr Kafwaya said that the UPND would continue falling apart and that even people who were perceived to be close to Mr Hichilema would ditch the party due to poor leadership.

He said that the boycott of UPND MPs was not in the interest of people who elected them, saying they had misrepresented electorates.


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