UPND misleading rural people, says Masumba

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THE UPND is misleading and spreading falsehoods to people in far-flung areas of the country that they have a presidential petition before the Constitutional Court which will soon be overturned in their favour, says former Patriotic Front Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Steven Masumba.

Mr Masumba said that Mr Hichilema was desperate and power-hungry, saying the opposition party had continued misleading the nation and making political rhetoric in remote areas of the country such as Itezhi Tezhi that they had a presidential petition before the Constitution Court, when in fact not.

In an interview over the weekend, the former parliamentarian said that he was surprised when he visited Central Province recently that some callers on radio stations believed that the UPND had a petition before the court and that Mr Hichilema would soon be sworn in as republican president.

He said that areas such as Lusaka, Copperbelt and those along the line of rail were privileged as there was adequate flow of information and stated that there was need that correct information trickled down to rural areas.

Mr Masumba said that such action and spread of false information was a risk to the security of the nation and he appealed to the police to take appropriate action.

“The UPND is misleading people in far-flung areas that they have a presidential petition before the Constitutional Court which will soon be overturned in their favour.

‘‘My request is that there is need for adequate flow of correct information as people are still in the dark. During a recent visit to Itezhi Tezhi some radio callers believed that HH will soon be sworn in as republican president and this is compromising the security of the country,” he said.

Mr Masumba accused Mr Hichilema of being a dictator who he said never listened to the views of his MPs or people surrounding him but stated that President Edgar Lungu was a tolerant leader who was humble and a good listener.

He said that if late president Michael Sata had exhibited an unreasonable and political immaturity which he said Mr Hichilema was displaying after having lost elections then, the country would not have been peaceful.


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