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A LUSAKA woman of Somali origin yesterday appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates Court on a murder charge for allegedly poisoning her husband after a marital dispute.

Amina Mohammed, 23, of Emmasdale in Lusaka, allegedly murdered Osman Mohammed Adan on March 2, 2017, by lacing his breakfast meal with Diclorvos Organophosphate pesticide.

She then informed Adan’s brother that his sibling had committed suicide by hanging himself on the window using a chitenge material.

With her head covered in a niqab, with only her eyes showing, Amina yesterday appeared before Lusaka Magistrate Kenneth Mulife for explanation of the charge but she could not understand English and there was no one to interpret in her language, forcing the court to adjourn the matter.

According to Sergeant Zulu of Vubu police post, Amina told him that Mr Adan hanged himself by the window but his body was found lying on the floor facing upwards.

“She went on further to tell me that she had a dispute with her husband and that he even refused to eat breakfast she had prepared for him and that he had thrown the food through the window. She said she had prepared bread, banana and baked beans.

“I collected the food that was thrown out of the window and when I examined the deceased’s neck, I found that it was intact and had no injuries. From her explanation, I picked her and took her to the police where she was detained,” Mr. Zulu said.

Mr Zulu said after the food was taken to the laboratory for analysis and it was established that the cause of death was poisoning.


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