Wusakile MP meets farmers over army worms

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 13:35:46 +0000


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has demonstrated that he is a caring leader by giving the issue of army worms the necessary attention, says Wusakile Member of Parliament (MP) Pavyuma Kalobo.

Mr Kalobo said that the destructive pests could have wiped out all the crops and run the country into serious hunger situation if the President did not take keen interest in the situation.

Mr Kalobo was speaking yesterday at Bupe Primary School in Kitwe where he met small-scale farmers who were receiving the E-vouchers for their farming inputs. “These army worms are so destructive and if left unchecked, they could plunge Zambia into serious hunger and this is why President Lungu has given the issue of army worms the necessary attention by procuring chemicals to stop the spread of these destructive pests,” said Mr Kalobo.

Mr Kalobo was at the weekend among the five Kitwe MPs who were giving out the army worm chemicals to farmers in various parts of the district whose fields have been ravaged by the pests.

Last Saturday, more than 200 small-scale farmers in Kitwe protested at the district commissioner’s office to demand for pesticides to fight off the army worms invasion.


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