Youths must go back to school-Salubusa

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EDUCATION is the key to everything, hence I am encouraging and motivating youths in the ward to study hard if they are to become what they desire in the future, says PF Kapwepwe ward 25 councillor Patrick Salubusa.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Salubusa said that one could be a school dropout but that upon making the decision to go back to school, youths could get an education and achieve any career just like he had done by running an events plan and public relations firm which offered employment to seven full time staff and 35 artists.

“My journey gives hope to my fellow “Kombonians” and youths and a motivation enough that today you can be a school dropout but once you rise and go back to school, you can certainly make your dreams come true,” Mr Salubusa said.

Mr Salubusa said that he desired to turn the building which used to house Lilanda clinic into Kapwepwe Youth Centre with the role of motivating youths particularly on the need to value education.

The comedian turned civic leader said that he was happy that Moonlight Private School in the ward had started teaching school dropouts by preparing them for Grade 7, 9 and 12 examinations and explained that the pilot programme was open for registration and was on a first-come-basis and targeted 30 residents mainly the youths and women.

He said that on top of his agenda for the ward was to transform one of the government primary school preferably Twalumba School into a secondary school, saying such actions and programmes were coming about after recognising the fact that education was key to literacy, wealth and health.

And yesterday the ward witnessed the launch of Kapwepwe Natwafwane project aimed at helping the needy such as orphans, widows, disabled and the aged.

Mr Salubusa said that the non-partisan project would be coordinated by his wife, Rosaria Mubanga Salubusa, who is the matron of the initiative.


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