ZAM hails Pilato’s apology

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 11:09:31 +0000


By Terence Miselo

The Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) has commended musician Pilato for apologizing to the Republican President Mr. Edgar Changwa Lungu, his family and the party PF for his unfriendly lyrics in his infamous songs targeted at discrediting the Head of State.

ZAM president Njoya Tembo says It’s a good resolution for Pilato to start the year living at peace with people.

“It’s now clear that ZAM had no personal grudge when we distanced ourselves from his ‘ALUNGU ANABWELA’ song which in our view was provocative and demeaning as it focused on personal attacks. We know that some sectors of society applauded him and called it freedom of expression. But for us, upholding of the constitution is paramount as in shrined in the BILL of Rights which abhors fuelling of hatred, division, Ill-talk against each other et,” Njoya says.

“We were called names, insulted but I guess we have been vindicated as we exhibited foresight and good judgment at that moment. This is the more reason Pilato needs to extend his apology to many other people he offended including ZAM,” he says adding,

“May I take this opportunity to say that as musicians we need to take music as a very serious career and apply ethics while striving to uphold professionalism. The said are ingredients to nurturing and growing our careers. In Zambia, we have enough experience to help us not to allow ourselves to be used for political expedience. As an association, we take pride in seeing musicians exploit their talents to the fullest and achieve high. Anything to the contrary, especially against building of society we will not be part of. ”

With the above said, ZAM wishes to reaffirm its commitment to highlight that fundamental pillars on which music stands must be observed if musician’s relevance is to be counted. Thus, to educate, to inform, to entertain or generally conscientize the public on various matters.

“Our appeal to musicians, artists and the general public is that we need to respect the Office of the Presidency being the highest office of the land even if the occupant is not your darling. Pilato’s experience also assures us that democracy in the country is here to stay considering that in other nations Pilato could have disappeared. As much as we have freedom of speech and expression, let’s exercise self regulation,” said Njoya


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