Zambia wouldn’t be what it is without Chiluba-Chileshe

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 12:32:56 +0000


IT is morally and religiously despicable that second Republican President Fredrick Chiluba, a pioneer and hero of Zambia’s democracy has continued to be demonised and dishonoured even in his death, political activist Mubanga Chileshe has charged.

Mr Chileshe said Zambia would never have been what it is politically, economically, socially and religiously without Dr. Chiluba sacrificing for the country and that it is disheartening that the champion of democracy has remained a villain to be demonised in his death.

Reacting to the forfeiture of Dr. Chiluba’s Tedworth properties to the State by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Mr Chileshe said he was disappointed with the Commission’s decision.

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that there were no clear facts against the former Head of State which could lead the ACC to arrive at the decision.

Mr Chileshe said Dr. Chiluba was acquitted and died a free man, therefore, it was unfair and unacceptable for the Commission to forfeit his properties to the State.

“There is no way the ACC can treat Chiluba like that even in death. Courts of law have acquitted him, he died a freeman but how come the ACC want to dishonour him like this even in his death? We cannot have government wanting to honour him and on the other hand some institutions dishonouring him, it does not work like that,” Mr Chileshe said.

He stated that Dr. Chiluba was a hero of Zambia’s democracy who deserved to be respected.

Mr Chileshe indicated that Zambians today were enjoying democracy because of Dr. Chiluba who fought hard for it.

“Chiluba is a hero, he did a lot of great things for Zambia and it’s sad that people do not see all that. Today, Zambia is enjoying democracy because of Dr. Chiluba. Had it not for him, there would have been no democracy in Zambia. So, it is not right to continue scandalising his name as if he did nothing to this country.

“The ACC should let Chiluba’s soul rest in peace. There is so much plunder in the country that the Commission can pursue. The Auditor General’s Report is enough evidence, why continue dishonouring Chiluba?” he

Recently, ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono announced the forfeiture of former Head of State’s Tedworth properties to the State following a
Supreme Court judgment.


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