ZEMA invades M’membe’s house

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THE Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) yesterday raided Fred M’membe’s house on Nyangwenya road on suspicion that an offence has been commit-ted following allegations that printing of the Mast Newspaper was done from the premises, ZEMA public relations manager Ireen Chipili has said.

Ms Chipili confirmed that a team from ZEMA yesterday entered and inspected Mr M’membe’s house on Nangwenya road in Lusaka’s Rhodes park area.

She however did not disclose what the search was all about nor the findings from the search on the premises.

Ms Chipili said in an interview with Daily Nation that investigations were still underway and that the agency would soon issue a comprehensive statement.

“Yes I can confirm that ZEMA did search Mr M’membe’s house today, investigations are still underway and we will issue comprehensive statement” she said. And the Lusaka Subordinate court yesterday issued a search warrant to Christopher Kanema of ZEMA to inspect Mr M’membe’s house on grounds that an offence had been committed under the Environmental Management Act No. 11 of 2011.

The warrant was an authorisation for Mr Kanema to enter, inspect and examine the premises, records and any chemicals or products relating to the printing activities at the premises.

Meanwhile, Last Thursday, Police conducted a search at the residence of Mr M’membe following the issuance of a warrant of his arrest by the Magistrate’s Court.

The team discovered a printing machine mounted in the car park of former Post News-papers proprietor Mr M’membe’s yard on Nangwenya road in Lusaka’s Rhodes park area.

The police who raided the house in order to arrest Mr M’membe for presenting himself as owner of the Post Newspaper in liquidation discovered that the printing machine was being used to print copies of the MAST Newspapers


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