ZRA seizes K50,000 Chitenge materials 

Fri, 16 Dec 2016 12:26:31 +0000


ILLEGAL fabric materials which could have led to a loss of Government revenue in excess of K50,000 have been seized by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) for attempted smuggling.

ZRA corporate communications manager Oliver Nzala said the authority had seized 309 bales of fabric materials, locally known as Chitenge, for attempted smuggling into Zambia using false declaration.

Mr Nzala said the seizure happened at the Nakonde border post when ZRA customs officers conducted a physical inspection of a declaration by the importer.

“Before the inspection took place, the importer declared that the imported goods were polypropylene. These are granules used in the manufacturing of plastic articles such as plastic bottles,” he said.

Mr Nzala explained that polypropylene was duty-free, hence the importer only paid K324 for Asycuda processing fee.

He further explained that both the truck and goods had since been seized under the offence of false declaration.

Mr Nzala emphasized that the attempted smuggling would have led to a loss of Government revenue in excess of K50,000 in taxes.

“ZRA is encouraging individuals and firms to make correct declarations whenever they are importing and exporting as well as pay the correct taxes.

“The authority is also aware that during the festive season, people want to bring in as much goods as possible but they risk losing their goods if they are involved in vices that defraud the Government Treasury,” he said.

Mr Nzala warned that the authority had intensified operations aimed at detecting false declarations, smuggling and under-valuation of goods in a bid to curb tax avoidance or evasion.


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