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PF Kanyama Constituency aspiring candidate Chris Changwereza has called on those not adopted on the ruling party ticket to put the interest of the party and Zambia first by avoiding the temptation of standing as independents as this may cost the party.

He joins Matero aspiring candidate Dickson Jere who has called for unity of purpose from party members not adopted by the party to rally behind the President and the party.

Mr Changwereza said true members of the PF should set aside their personal interests and focus on ensuring that the party return power and continue spearheading the development agenda for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

He said it’s not possible for the ruling party to adopt everyone who applied because there can only be one person to contest in any given constituency.  

Mr Changwereza who has since accepted the decision by the Central Committee not to adopt him, was speaking on Friday night at Anglican Church in Kanyama where he officiated as guest of honor at the musical album launch by Destiny Christian Praise Band.

He said his focus now is to go flat out to campaign and mobilize votes for President Lungu and the Patriotic Front.  

Mr Changwereza said as much as he feels hurt that he was not adopted by the ruling party to represent the people of Kanyama in the National Assembly, he will remain loyal to President Edgar Lungu and party.

He said those who are contemplating to contest as independents should remember that the Patriotic Front was bigger than any one individual and therefore should reflect deeply on their decision.

Mr Changwereza said deciding to go independent was only going to advantage the opposition as it has the potential to split the vote.

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