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ZAMBIA’S highly infiltrated police poses a real danger to innocent citizens and rule of law in the unlikely event of regime change, stakeholders have said.

The stakeholders fear that the leaking of serious and confidential operational police documents confirm concerns of serious infiltration which compromised the police service.

Former Lusaka province minister, Bowman Lusambo and Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA) president, Moses Lungu have urged the police command to rid the service of ‘rotten eggs’.

“These officers are loyal to the opposition and will wreak terror on those associated with the PF and Government,” Rev Lungu said.

This follows the leaking of a highly confidential internal memo to some anti-government media outlets on transfers the police command had effected by unknown senior officers.

Mr Lusambo said it was dangerous that some officers were working against the state by aiding agendas of the opposition to embarrass government.

He said in an interview that it was clear some officers do not subscribe to the rule of law and their allegiance was with outside forces.

Mr Lusambo said confidential documents were now finding their way in the hands of enemies of the state because there were rotten eggs in the system

Meanwhile, Rev Lungu said there was too much treachery among police officers because the service was infiltrated by the opposition.

He said there were several officers who were secretly working against the government and that most of whom were being sponsored by hidden forces.

“They are all members of the National Empowerment Forum who sponsor these officers to champion their evil agendas aimed at tarnishing the image of government,” Rev Lungu said.

Rev Lungu also advised the police command to cleanse the service of corrupt officers.

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