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Rising ‘BID’ Covid cases worry State


COVID-19 related Brought In Dead (BIDs) deaths have drastically increased with some families losing as many as three members in a short time, the Ministry of Heath has said.

The ministry said in the last 24 hours, 55 people died from the pandemic while new infections were 2, 537.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Kennedy Malama, said the country had continued to record a high number of deaths, not only in health facilities but also in communities as adduced from the increase in BIDs.

Dr Malama said in a statement that it was likely that a good number of the community deaths were Covid-19 related.

He said the epidemiological picture was indeed worrying and that people had lost so many of their friends and loved ones.

“Today, we see families losing as many as three members to Covid-19 in a short period of time. This must give us the impetus to do everything we can to avoid further loss of life.

“We remain confident that despite the difficult Covid-19 situation we are faced with, working as a collective body we will win the fight.

“However, to do so, we need to ensure heightened adherence to public health and social measures – this shouldn’t be mere rhetoric but practical,” Dr Malama said.

He expressed disappointment with owners of bars, taverns, night clubs, casinos and patrons who had continued to flout the guidelines issued to check the spread of Covid-19.

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