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‘Everyone dreams but not everyone lives the dream,’ these are the words that inspired one of Zambia’s best uprising stars Kays Kabwe Mutale popularly known as Kayz 4K.

 Born and bred in Mbala district, Kayz moved to the Copperbelt in order to make his dream a reality, in Copperbelt (Kopala), under the tutorial of Vue Smallz of Yeah Baby Music, the talented singer found his home and the journey of his music career started.

“I came from a humble background where we struggled financially but lived happily as a family. Maround is a getho that made me, from everything around me and the hardship of life, I saw art and got inspired, I started writing songs in Grade 6 and since then its been my way of life,” he said.

The singer who was first inspired by Runnel believes his story will inspire more people who think it’s hard to make it in the industry.

“ When I came to Chingola, I knew no one from the industry, but I kept on believing in my talent. I mate Twitch  who introduced me to a lot of musicians especially those from Chingola,” he added.

Kayz 4k has since recorded different songs with different artistes like Chester, Pablo Picasso, Drifta Trek, O-Jay, Dre Zambia and many more, he is currently working on a few songs which will see him feature more artistes.

“I want to live my dream,I’m not there yet but I’m on my way up, because I’m found with the right people. Special thanks to Jeb Photography and Mr Erastus Kafimbwa for the huge support.”

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