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Dear Editor,
PEOPLE should spend the long weekend responsibly by not indulging in vices such as crime, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and illicit sex among others. The long weekend started last Friday and it will end next Wednesday.

President Edgar Lungu declared Friday June 2, 2021 and Wednesday June 7, 2021 as public holidays in honour of the first president and the founding father of Zambia the late Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda.

Traditionally, Zambia commemorates the Unity Day and the Heroes Day which fall on the first Monday and the first Tuesday respectively of the month of July every year.

With the inclusion of Friday holiday and Wednesday holiday means that there will be a six-day holiday.

However, the world lead- ers paid their respects to the late Dr. Kaunda last Friday at the Showgrounds in Lusaka. These leaders from different countries eulogised the late Dr. Kaunda.

The common description of Dr. Kaunda by the world leaders was that the late president was a great leader and the peace maker who liberated not only Zambia but other countries as well.

Indeed Dr. Kaunda’s achievements are unmatched as we are fully aware.

Zambians spend public holidays in different ways. Some people spend the hol- idays by staying at home while others spend the holi- days by engaging in all sorts of activities and mostly beer drinking.

It is a known fact that Zambia is grappling with Covid-19. This can be attest- ed by the high positivity rate of the coronavirus pandem- ic and the high number of Covid-19 deaths the country has continued to record.

To this end, I implore people to avoid overcrowded places by reducing unneces- sary movements. This can be achieved if people confine themselves home spending quality time with their families.

The motorists on the other hand should drive cautious- ly by adhering to the “don’t drink and drive” rule. Ulti- mately, it will reduce road mishaps which lead to fatalities including death.


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