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MANY members of the clergy have become compromised because they cannot take an act against those who give big tithe and offering whenever they are found wanting, Reverend Noel Chitumbo of the Deeper Christian Life Ministries has said.

Rev Chitumbo said many members of the clergy have continued to lose the respect and confidence of the congregants and general public because, in most cases they have failed to take action against erring members who dish out huge sums of money.

In an interview in Kitwe, he said the selective application of disciplinary action in congregations has resulted in divisions. He said the clergy must reduce dependence on offerings and tithe and instead embrace the culture of hard work so that they become productive. “For me, I also do my own things to make my own money instead of depending on offering and tithe. The problem with depending on offering and tithe is that you become compromised.

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Rev Chitumbo said the clergy should be courageous and bold enough to point out evils being committed by politicians and other renowned members of their congregations despite how much offering they contribute to the church. He said the clergy have a role to bring politicians and other members of the public to God and so they should not feel intimidated to point out evils because they were committed by those who give a lot of offering.

Reverend Chitumbo urged the UPND government and Zambians in general to put aside political differences and get down to work. He cautioned the UPND government to desist from witch-hunting, political persecution and any form of retribution because doing so, would make it to lose its vision and direction of achieving economic recovery and national development “Elections are over and it’s time to get down to work so that we can see the fruits of hard work. Each Zambian must become productive in his or her own area. For the new government, I would like to urge it to desist from any form of retribution,’’ he said.

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