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… a blast from the past (interview)


A VIDEO has emerged of former late President Kenneth Kaunda warning Zambians against the leadership of UPND president, who he described as a danger to the unity of the country.

Dr Kaunda in one of his last interviews feared the UPND president would split the country and destroy the One Zambia One Nation motto which has been a bridge among the 73 tribes.

Dr Kaunda, who died on June 17 this year, was interviewed by a blogger, Owen Miyanzi, a few years ago, singled out Mr Hichilema as the only political leader he feared would split the country.

The elderly statesman said out of all the leaders in the country, there was only one that he wasafraid would split the country if he ever took over power.

He said the political leader from Southern Province was the only one he could see as a source of trouble and splitting the country.

The video, which has gone viral and also shown on major news channels, shows Dr Kaunda being interviewed at home in a relaxed manner.

Interviewer: Your excellency, the country would want to know what excites you, when you were at the helm of this country for 27 years. I am sure there must be one moment you can point.

KK: (laughs) No I think that my happiest point is that up to this point in time as I have said already, I have not come across any man or woman in politics who is today thinking of  splitting Zambia … apart from this headman in Zimbabwe… Southern Province. What is he? … This man in Southern Province … what is his name. The man running this party…

Interviewer: Magande?

KK: No, no this one from Southern Province…

Interviewer: He comes from Southern Province?

KK: Yes… Hakainde.

Interviewer: Hakainde Hichilema

KK: Yes, Hakainde Hichilema, the one running this party, UPND. Apart from that there is no other leader I can fear to run this country. All these others who are running these parties I can’t see them trying to destroy One Zambia One Nation.


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